12 October 2013

1-Stop Cafe

1-Stop Cafe
No. 2 Jalan Balam Off Jalan Ipoh Batu
51200 Kuala Lumpur
(Coordinates: E101° 40' 57.8" N3° 10' 54.9")
We took Gwen for her scheduled servicing at a workshop along Jalan Tiong which is where the Jalan Ipoh food district is situated. What was initially thought to be a mere routine oil change soon turned into major repairs (both left and right drive shafts needed replacing) which would take several hours.
not sure if it's a chain restaurant
exotic beverages prepared here
bright and cheerful interior

Since it was already lunchtime we decided to pay 1-Stop Café just a block away a visit. We were here a while back and remembered this place for its delicious noodles. We also loved the décor and ambience, especially the centerpiece ‘waterfall’.
hmm, what will it be...

This time I ordered the Seafood Loh Mee while Cat tried the Fish Ball Noodle Soup. For drinks, we were fascinated with the list of exotic sounding beverages so I tried the Honey Ginger drink while Cat tried the Maharaja (a combination of dragon fruit, soursop and milk).

Cat had the fish ball soup noodle
pretty appetizing, don't you think?
while I had this
simply exquisite!
the Maharaja meets Honey & Ginger
a bit pricey, but well worth it

What can we say? 1-Stop Café has never failed to impress and I was especially taken in with the exquisite Seafood Loh Mee. Cat was equally impressed with her Fish Ball Noodle Soup and we both thought our drinks were pretty amazing too. The damage? Since it’s just the two of us (Brendan’s in Singapore for the weekend) the total came to RM33.60 which is honestly borderline everyday food for the everyday person. But would we come back? This eatery does serve some superb noodles, so our answer would be yes.

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