06 October 2013

Kannichikan Yakiniku

Kannichikan Yakiniku
42 Jalan 28/70a Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
(Coordinates: E101° 38' 54.9" N3° 9' 44.7")

Being well aware of our current infatuation with the Hallyu wave and all things Hanguk, Ginny and Vince decided to give us a treat for dinner at a Korean restaurant (with a twist). Since this place was in very c
lose with their apartment Kannichikan Yakiniku was our dinnertime destination.

Korea-Japan Pavilion?
beside Oldtown Sri Hartamas
our adventures begin

This restaurant is unique in its outlook in that it grills Korean-styled marinated beef, pork, chicken and other types of meat over a Japanese charcoal fired stove. The term Kan Nichi Kan (and no, it’s not a swear word) means Korea-Japan Pavilion while the term Yakiniku, in its broadest sense, refers to grilled meat dishes.

KNK (Kan Nichi Kan)
the side dishes
green pipeline!

Interestingly enough, none of the personnel here were either Japanese or Korean. No matter, as long as the food is good. Ginny and Vince ordered a pricey set (since it’s their treat there will be no mention of the price in this post!) and we waited while the Japanese charcoal fired stove was heated up to the right temperature.

From this point onwards, we’ll let our pictures paint our words for us…

fire in the hole!
let's get ready to rumble
excellent Korean Scallion Pancake
marvellously marinated
food to the fire
the fun is in the grilling
more cuts of meat
Brendan enjoying himself

What sets this restaurant apart from other Korean BBQs is the quality of the sauces and condiments the meats are marinated in. The cuts of meat, once done were quite heavenly and very close to perfection where BBQ were concerned. However, if one had a grouse it would be for the lack of side dishes. Oh well, you win some, you lose some eh? If you’re in the mood for some unorthodox Korean BBQ (and have some money to burn) then Kannichikan Yakiniku might be just right for you.

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