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Sunday 13 October 2013

Gomonae Korean Restaurant (Revisited)

Gomonae Korean Restaurant
Lot F32, 2nd Floor Ampang Point Shopping Centre
Jalan Mamanda 3
68000 Ampang
Coordinates: 3.157750, 101.750944

After a daily in the workshop Gwen was badly in need of a wash. Our usual lunchtime destination that killed two birds with one stone (have lunch while Gwen had her bath) was closed for the day due to a major festival being celebrated at the temple next door.

Driving aimlessly around, we stopped by a bank in the vicinity so that I could take care of some bills at the self-serve terminal. Since Ampang Point was barely a block away, we decided to have lunch there instead. I had black bean noodles on my mind and we found ourselves here at Gomonae.

small and unassuming

busy weekend 

limited seating

the kitchen

Seating is limited, and on a weekend it can be a challenge. We however manage to ease ourselves into a couple of seats (no mean feat considering my hardly diminutive frame) and proceeded to order the dishes that had perked our interest for a while now. 1Jja Jang Myun is a dish heavily featured in most Korean dramas and I simply had to order this. Cat meanwhile was fascinated that noodles could be served cold (with ice cubes!) and ordered the 2Mul Naeng Myun.

1A noodle dish topped with a thick sauce made of chunjang (a salty black soybean paste), diced pork and vegetables, and sometimes also seafood.
2Long and thin handmade buckwheat noodles served with a cold soup with the noodles contained in broth made from beef, chicken or dongchimi

I had this

well worth the hype, but the price?

Cat was fascinated with this

very generous portions

dying to dig in

free flowing green tea on the house

The Jja Jang Myun was RM14 a bowl while the Mul Naeng Myun was RM16. I thought my noodles were well worth the hype and Cat agreed that her cold noodles were pretty good (and served in very generous portions too). Having said this, we also agreed that this was not sometime we would be repeating anytime soon, as this was a onetime thing and the Korean noodles were merely a novelty to be tried once.

If looked at from a different perspective the total of RM30 (our Green Tea was on the house and free-flowing) was actually within the realms of the everyday food for the everyday person. Despite the justification however, we cannot fathom ever again paying double digits for a bowl noodles.

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  1. my favorite restaurant ever..hehehe...I'm really enjoying the foods here :D