09 October 2013

Everyday Food For The Everyday Person: A Definition

We have been using this expression or phrase pretty often, but what exactly does it mean?

In this day and age, eating out in Kuala Lumpur can be a costly affair. Noticed we used the words ‘eating’ and not ‘dining’. We are not affluent enough to be able to ‘dine’ out, nor are we in the category of ‘people of calibre’ (in the words of a certain former Minister of Tourism who naively thinks everyone is able to afford to spend hundreds of ringgit a day dining out).
When we go out to eat, we try not to spend beyond RM50 (which works outs to around RM16.67 each for Cat, Brendan and moi), unless it’s a special or celebratory occasion.

So if we end up spending more than RM16.67 on average per person then the restaurant or eatery will not qualify for the honour of being a place where we would recommend the everyday person to have his everyday meal.
Just so you know.

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