15 June 2013

Medan Selera 113 Food Court (Dinnertime)

Medan Selera 113 Food Court
Jalan Merdeka
68000 Ampang
(Coordinates: 3° 8' 24.75", 101° 45' 52.25")

We covered this food court last month (we came on a lazy Sunday afternoon) and reckoned that we’ll probably be back during dinnertime one of these days. 

This food court is pretty quiet in the daytime during weekends and despite having more than twenty stalls, only the mixed rice and chicken rice stalls were open for business. But oh boy, does this place transform itself at dusk! It absolutely comes alive and almost all the stalls were opened, we were very glad to be spoilt for choice.

Brendan as usual tried the pan mee, while I sampled the chicken curry rice. Cat had a hankering for steamed fish and we ordered that as well.

Brendan ordered his pan mee here
RM4.50? pan-tastic!
I sampled the chicken curry rice from this stall
decently priced at RM6, and certainly delicious!
Cat had a hankering for steamed fish
she chose the smallest one
absolutely marvellous, at a reasonable RM22
bon appetit
high tech waiter!
leong sui (herbal tea) as always  

The damage? Including drinks the sumptuous meal came to a very reasonable RM37. This is one place we’ll be coming back to from time to time to try the other stalls here (although I suspect Cat wants to come here again and again for her steamed fish head!).

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