01 June 2013

Taro Ramen (Low Yat Plaza)

Taro Ramen Japanese Noodle Restaurant
Lot 22/23 LG Floor,
Low Yat Plaza, Jalan Bukit Bintang
50100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60321442818

This is actually our second time here. The first time we came I was on my way to recovering from hypothyroidism but not quite able to operate the DSLR properly. This being a photo-blog, in the absence of photographs we chose not to write about it till now.

Located in the very bowels of the bustling Low Yat Plaza and bunched together among other eateries (some offering similar cuisines) competition is stiff and you could be forgiven for overlooking this place.

hello again
small and quaint

But unlike other establishments in the near vicinity, we like Taro Ramen for trying its best to remain as authentic to the original Japanese cuisine it represents as possible. Having said this, we need to forewarn everyone that this place is not by any stretch of the imagination a standard bearer for our “everyday food for the everyday person” motto as the average cost of eating here is well in excess of RM20 per person.

what to eat, what to eat
say konnichiwa
typical corny shot
still undecided?
I had the..
..  beef don set
Brendan had the..
.. hot udon set
while Cat had the..
pork teppanyaki
how many bottle of sake on the wall?

Fueled by the abundance of monosodium glutamate prevalent in Japanese cooking, we headed out for the second round of our KL bus tour (woot!).

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