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Saturday 18 June 2022

PENANG Walkabout 3 (Macalister and Back, SKS Garden Food Centre)

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We're going on another walkabout!

This afternoon proved to be very productive since besides organising all the accumulated clips and footage I was even able to render a video about our ETS ride to Butterworth.

Evening came and we were itching for another walkabout. This time we had definite plans about where we wanted to go for dinner so we headed out of the hotel walking southwest along Jalan Transfer. Soon as we reached the end it started to pour so we beat a hasty retreat back back to the hotel.

We reemerged a little while later with a large umbrella and headed out along Jalan Hutton before turning right onto Jalan Penang. We continued on southwest along Jalan Penang and walked up onto the Octopus Pedestrian Crossing Bridge. We crossed over and continued still along Jalan Penang past what we think is the Ong Kongsi Temple before converging onto Jalan Macalister. 

We then walked northwest for a fair distance before crossing over at Public Bank before doubling back along Jalan Macalister until we reached the New Lane Street Foodstalls. We checked out the various hawker stalls hoping to have dinner here but decided to pursue other alternatives.

We continued walking northwest along Jalan Macalister and briefly considered Yummy Cottage for dinner but decided to carry on along. We finally arrived at the old MS Food Court now known as Pinang Delicious Food Court only to find it closed. 

We then crossed over to the other side of Jalan Macalister and walked in the opposite direction and settled for dinner at SKS Garden Food Centre. For a diminutive food court SKS Garden had a surprising large array of dishes, we had a quite enjoyable and very reasonably priced dinner.

After dinner we thought about catching a bus back to the hotel but decided to walk back instead. We resumed our walkabout headed back from where we came until we reached the Octopus Pedestrian Crossing Bridge. Here instead of continuing on along Jalan Penang we decided to take a different route walking northwest along Jalan Burma before turning right onto Jalan Transfer. 

We were on the home stretch from here on end, and got back to the hotel in no time at all.

This would be our last night in Penang, and we will be returning home to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning. We will be making a video about our breakfast tomorrow morning as well as the bus ride back to Kuala Lumpur, so please stay tuned!

Lastly, we feel that it is our civic duty to remind everyone that while masks are now optional outdoors, it is still mandatory indoors!

(Do visit our YouTube Channel Have Perut Will Travel)

📍 Location:
Octopus Pedestrian Crossing Bridge -
New Lane Street Foodstalls -
Yummy Cottage -
Pinang Delicious Food Court -
SKS Garden Food Centre -

We do what we can to support local businesses, and it's always good to know that everyone here observes all related SOPs, it helps make us feel safer and reassured.

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