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Thursday 16 June 2022


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We are checked in!

This is a hotel that we had been eyeing on for a while now. Located at the intersection of Hutton and Transfer this hotel is located within walking distance of all our favourite areas in Georgetown. Most times the price listed was quite steep, so we were in luck on this particular occasion since we managed to book a 3-night stay for only RM648 (approximately USD147/EUR142).

Its Facebook page described it as "a collection of newly refurbished heritage shophouses, consists of 8 cosy and spacious suites featuring separate living and dining area." 

In our own words, the room we booked satisfied all our needs. To be honest the room was in fact a very spacious studio apartment complete with a kitchenette and washer dryer.

The bathroom was well appointed, the living room cosy and the bedroom comfortable. In other words, we had absolutely no complaints and will in fact make Hutton Central Hotel our default accommodation for future trips to Penang.

Lastly, we feel that it is our civic duty to remind everyone that while masks are now optional outdoors, it is still mandatory indoors!

(Do visit our YouTube Channel Have Perut Will Travel)

๐Ÿ“ Location:
Hutton Central Hotel -

We do what we can to support local businesses, and it's always good to know that everyone here observes all related SOPs, it helps make us feel safer and reassured.

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