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Saturday 23 November 2013

Strawberry Fields Café

Strawberry Fields Café
Lot 16 Ground Floor
Jalan Tengah
46200 Petaling Jaya
(Coordinates: E101° 38' 40.0" N3° 5' 58.2")

Brendan decided to extend his stay at my sister’s place to spend more time with his cousins, so it was just Cat and I left to gallivant over the weekend. We read about this place and seeing that we were in the mood for some Western we decided to give this place a go.

an area we are are not familiar with

We were pretty early (it was hardly noon) and found the place not yet opened for business. Though the sign said 11:30AM we were turned away and told to come back at 12:00PM. With time to burn (and a belly that was groaning) we headed to the Chatime stall nearby to have a drink while we waited.

pretty large branch of Chatime
happy friendly people here
we didn't know that!
spacious and cozy
to while the time away

This particular branch of Chatime was more of a shop than a stall, since it occupied a whole shop lot.

happy friendly people? NOT!
the 'Specials'
is that a real Stratocaster?

Since it was past noon we headed back to Strawberry Fields Café only to be turned away (again). This time the excuse was the staff were busy hanging up Xmas decorations (a pretty lame excuse, don’t you think?) and we were to head to their ‘coffee club’ next door if we wished to be seated. I know, it’s all coming to a slow boil and all this time, I was thinking it was neither the time nor the place to ‘vent’. At the back of my mind, I kept telling myself that what I could say in this blog will do way more damage than anything I could say to these sad pathetic condescending un-customer-centric waiters/waitresses.

next door, pretty much in the same vein
though the people here were fractionally 'friendlier'
outdated magazines

Temper in check, we went to the store beside to have our lunch. I ordered the much-touted Fried Fish n Chips while Cat tried their Spaghetti Carbonara.

'fried' fish & chips...
... or was it fish fritters?
spaghetti carbonara chicken
right out of a can? 
the beverages
all smiles, as always
time to put the camera away
tolerably priced

The verdict? Biases aside, we found their western fare to be unremarkable, and I was particularly not impressed with the fact that the much-touted Fried Fish n Chips was nothing more than fish fritters. Cat thought the Spaghetti Carbonara was something straight out of a can that she could just simply whip up at home. We however understand why this place received much hype online; the damage came to a respectable RM27.55, which explains the popularity.

So if you’re in the mood for some Western cuisine at relatively low prices but don’t mind being served by disdainful and pompous waiters/waitresses, then by all means come here. Us? We’ll just give it a pass.

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