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Tuesday 5 November 2013

Mixed Rice Stall @ China Town Food Paradise

Mixed Rice Stall
China Town Food Paradise
Jalan Petaling
50000 Kuala Lumpur
(Coordinates: E101° 41' 51.2" N3° 8' 39.4")

It’s Awal Muharram (also called Maal Hijrah, a public holiday here in Malaysia), which celebrates the beginning of the Islamic New Year. Since of late I‘ve been having an aversion to driving, and so we went on a walkabout (more of a bus/train-about if you ask me) that took us to Petaling Street, the grand old Chinatown of all Chinatowns.

grand old Chinatown

Where do we even begin to describe how we feel about this place? While there is still a large population of Chinese traders we have the impression that there is a heavier presence of Indochinese traders at Petaling Street nowadays. Truth be told, at times we feel overwhelmed by the presence of these Indochinese traders to the point where that WE feel like we're the visitors to a foreign land. Oh well...


Anyway, we usually come to Petaling Street to look for hard-to-find Japanese dramas and movies (at knocked-down prices, but due to issues with its authenticity I shall not elaborate further, if you know what I mean) at a shop that used to sell Manga but has now diversified to DVDs and souvenirs as well. If you’re an anime/dorama aficionado then you will not be a stranger to Hiro Comic World.

.. till next time?

Before delving into the rows of DVDs at Hiro, we thought we’d try a beef noodle soup shop nearby that has been mentioned a fair bit, called Sin Kiew Yee Beef Noodle (our fondness for beef noodle soup has been well documented here, here and here). It being a public holiday and all, and with limited seating to begin with the shop was filled to capacity. Oh well, some other time then.

feeling like aliens in Kuala Lumpur?

but still has its charm and appeal

We then headed down Petaling Street and come across a mixed rice stall that we used frequent at a time when Brendan used to attend extra classes at a Tuition Centre nearby.

your typical mixed rice stall

for the cost-conscious

varied and delicious

here we go!

Located within China Town Food Paradise Restaurant, this stall has a pretty wide variety of dishes. As with most food stalls and food courts, this eatery is the typical no-frills no–fuss eating place that caters to the eat-and-dash crowd, and we were no different. Brendan had fried chicken and Japanese tofu with white rice; Cat had soy sauced pork cuts with vegetables she could not identify while I had a small assortment of fried fish cakes with a smattering of chili-fried anchovies and an egg with a much reduced portion of white rice (low-carb, remember?).

Brendan's fried chicken and tofu

Cat's soy sauced pork cuts with unidentified veggies

my egg, anchovies and fried fish cakes (and little rice)

let's dig in!

The verdict? Taste-wise we had no cause for complaints, and with a round of Iced Chrysanthemum Tea the total was a very economical RM19 even. The everyday food for the every person? Heck yeah, and this stall is highly recommended if you want to avoid the over-priced ‘tourist traps’ that are abound here in Petaling Street.

We then headed to Hiro to look for a particular Japanese movie (Always: Sunset on Third Street) filmed in 2005 that won several awards both in Japan and internationally. Though Hiro has an extensive collection of Japanese movies the way in which its DVDs are sorted and catalogued left much to be desired. Our search for the movie soon proved fruitless, so I guess the hunt will be taken online. 

comfortable footware

what used to be Puduraya

not been here in a long while!

it was a bus ride, then...

... a train ride to get home

We resumed our walkabout and got on a RapidKL bus headed to KL Sentral. From there we hopped on a monorail to make the reverse trip back to our apartment.

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