10 November 2013

Firdausa (Tim): No Longer A Bachelorette!

Kondo Rakyat Desa Pantai 4
Jalan Pantai Murni 2, Bukit Kerinchi
47000 Kuala Lumpur
(Coordinates: E101° 39' 48.1" N3° 6' 13.2")

Its been awhile since we’ve attended a Malay wedding, and this time a colleague of mine will be ending her bachelorette days in typical pomp and pageantry. We’ve known Firdausa (or Tim, as she is affectionately called) for a while now and we were glad to join in the festivities and merrymaking.

So without further ado, we’ll let our pictures paint the words for us…

the banner greeting us as we entered
we know her as Tim
egg plant?
royalty for the day
the throne
some really good rendang served here, believe you me
managed to resist a second helping
Brendan at the cendol stall
tasteful dishes, tastefully decorated tents
Cat and our CEO, Madam Koid (in the centre)
just some of the colleagues that came to make merry
posing at the throne with Shikin (Mama)
taken by Cat (which was why Brendan and I are out of focus)
the groom
rightfully delighted!
here comes the bride...
... all dressed in... beige
with her attentive maid of honour
he can hardly wait
she rushes to meet him
and so the procession begins
the best man and maid of honour (with umbrellas) are up next!
looking radiant
the procession in it's full pomp and pageantry
we bade a fond farewell
and wished them the very best
as they embarked on a new life together
our heartiest congratulations to the lovely couple!

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