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Saturday 25 February 2023

Kuching Day 6 (Going Home!)

Kuching Day 6!

We're leaving Kuching on the Malaysian Airlines flight MH 2545 later at 6:00pm. We woke up and headed out to a laundromat to give our bedsheets and covers a wash as well as have breakfast.

We drove around for a while before eventually settling on myDobi at Queen's Court. Brendan had a debate tournament over the weekend and because of that we extended our Airbnb till Monday. At the same time the Airbnb will be the control centre for his group of debating friends over the weekend hence the need for clean bedsheets and covers.

He is scheduled to fly back to Kuala Lumpur on Monday once the debate tournament is over.

Once our clothes were in the washer we thought of having breakfast at the noodle restaurant Little Skill across the street but it was full. We then wandered around a bit but found nothing of interest and doubled back to Little Skill where a table was free.

We both ordered the Mee Pok Kolo Mee and with a round of drinks our final Sarawakian breakfast came to RM43.95 (approximately USD10/EUR9). We then drove back to the Airbnb where the debate tournament was in full swing. We retired to our room and after some time spent organising our luggage bags we took a shower.

We bade Brendan farewell and drove the rental car to Kuching Airport where good old Awang Amirul was waiting. We handed the car back to him and walked into the airport. We were worried that our luggage bags especially the large red bag of Brendan's would excess our baggage limit. True enough, we were in excess of 8 kilograms and had to pay a hefty sum of RM301.00 for it (approximately USD68/EUR64).

With our flight three hours away we settled down to have drinks at Starbucks. An hour later we walked into the departure hall and made it through Immigration unscathed. We then sat patiently at Gate 4 until we were allowed to board.

Cliched as it sounded but time sure did fly by when we're having fun. We had an actioned pack five days in Kuching, and we were truly sad to leave, taking solace in the fact that we will be back next year for Brendan's convocation ceremony. To commemorate our visit to Kuching we pieced together highlights of our five days into a short montage that we hope you will like in the video attached below.

At around 5:15pm we boarded MH2545 and after a slight delay took off an hour later. The flight was largely uneventful with very little turbulence except for the fact that our landing had to be delayed due to traffic congestion into KLIA (is that even possible?).

Please enjoy snippets from the flight we took in hyper lapse mode in the video attached below.

We were eventually given the go ahead to land and touched down at 8:00pm. After a short time taxiing we were docked and we were then told to collect our luggage bags from Carousel K which was quite a distance away. We were glad to see the shops lining the long, long walkway had come back to life, unlike a year ago when it was all closed and cordoned off.

We picked up our very heavy luggage bags and debating whether to take the ERL train to KL Sentral or hail a six-seater Grab car home. In the end we went with the door-to-door option that the Grab car accorded us.

We got home at half past ten and began the arduous task of unpacking the two mammoth bags while dreaming of our next trip to Kuching! With that we end these series of vlogs on our trip to Kuching. 

Please stay tuned as we make plans to explore Kuala Lumpur in the weekends to come and show you the full glory of its public transportation.

(Do visit our YouTube Channel Have Perut Will Travel)

📍 Location:
The CountryMan, Terrace House -
Little Skill -
myDobi King Center -
Kuching International Airport -
Kuala Lumpur International Airport -

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