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Tuesday 21 February 2023

Kuching Day 2 (Kenyalang Park │ Makansari │ Kuching Waterfront │ Langkau Arau)

Kuching Day 2!

We woke up and after a shower headed out to the Kenyalang Food Centre for breakfast. Brendan was tired out from his debate tournament of the past few days and declined our invitation.

Not many stalls were open this morning at the food court here, but we were glad that the noodle stall was in business. I tried the 'black' Kolo Mee while Cat tried the 'white' Kolo Mee. Together with a round of drinks our first Sarawakian breakfast came to only RM11.50 (approximately USD3/EUR2) with the Kolo Mee only costing us RM4.00 each (approximately USD/EUR1).

We then took a stroll along the Kenyalang Park Market taking in the sights and sounds before dropping by an Everwin Supermarket for some provisions. We walked back to the Airbnb where I spent the morning in an office call.

We emerged at lunchtime and took a drive to UNIMAS where we dropped off some souvenirs with Brendan's favourite lecturers. We then headed to Dahlia College to collect a shoe horn and then made our way to Aiman Mall where we sent the rental car for a wash while we headed over to Makansari Street Food for lunch.

We browsed for a bit and settled on the following Dayak dishes:

  • Pork Curry with Rice for RM10.00
  • Crispy Pork for RM12.00
  • Mixed Pork Soup for RM12.00
  • Cangkuk Manis (Sweet Leaf) for RM12.00
  • 2 servings of Rice for RM1.00 each
  • 3 glasses of Special Iced Milked Tea for RM3.50 each

Our delectable Dayak lunch came to RM59.50 (approximately USD/EUR13). We then walked back to the car wash and drove our rental car back to the Airbnb, where I spent the afternoon on another office call.

We re-emerged at six in the evening and hailed a Grab car for a fare of RM10.00 (approximately USD/EUR2) to Kuching Waterfront where we hoped to catch a river cruise. Alas we narrowly missed it and will have to come again some other day since it only runs once a day at 5:30pm.

Unfazed, we started an impromptu walkabout along the Kuching River until we reached the Burger Station where we hailed another Grab car for a fare of RM18.00 (approximately USD/EUR4) to our dinner destination.

Twenty minutes later we arrived at Langkau Arau Rumah Asap Dayak Stutong, a mouthful we know. Basically its yet another smokehouse (together with seafood are our kryptonite). With no idea what to order we started ordering and before we know it we ended up with:

  • Fried Cangkuk Manis (Sweet Leaf) for RM12.00
  • Medium Barbecue Set for RM28.00
  • Butter Pork Rice for RM9.00
  • 3 Lemon Wheat Grass for RM11.50
  • Grilled Crispy Pork for RM25.00
  • an unknown Nasi Goreng for RM11.50
  • 3 Coca Cola for RM7.50

Our smoking supper came to RM104.50 which was a little pricey but with the rising prices of pork was to be expected. We may stick to seafood in the future?

We then hailed a Grab car for a fare of RM8.00 (approximately USD/EUR2) and hoped to have an early night since we will be headed north in search of a cultural village tomorrow morning!

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📍 Location:
The CountryMan, Terrace House -
Kenyalang Food Center -
Faculty of Language and Communication

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