26 December 2014

Restoran Chuan Kee

Jalan Kota Lama
20300 Kuala Terengganu
Coordinates: 5.329316, 103.134714

Lunchtime... where else but our old favourite Hainanese Chicken Rice shop.

across the BSN branch

hey, Cat's left me behind

What can we say? Its like we enter a time capsule each time we visit Chuan Kee. The Taukeh (boss man) has not aged one bit!

time capsule

see what I mean?

As usual we had a platter of roasted chicken served for three persons and as always the Taukeh added plenty of extra chicken skin.

that's what I'm talking about

with plenty of extra chicken skin thrown in 

nothing compares

enough already, let's dig in!

The Hainanse Chicken Rice is as good as ever, if not better and it is bar none still THE best chicken rice shop in Kuala Terengganu. And with lunch totalling RM21.50, Chuan Kee is the very definition of the everyday food for the everyday man. We just wished it wasn't 450 kilometres away.

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