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Tuesday 8 August 2023

ATTACKED in Melaka!


Truth be told we debated on whether to post this video, but in the end decided to do so as a cautionary tale to those who park their cars in and around the Kampung Jawa area.

The day began inconspicuously enough with us making our way out of the Airbnb for lunch. As we exited it began to rain, and since our car was parked some distance away I made haste. As I approached Backyard Rio's private car park I heard someone asking me in a rather confrontational manner "where are you going!?". It was as though I was somehow headed somewhere that I was not supposed to.

I paid no heed and this was when all hell broke loose. The person was offended that I did not respond and went on a tirade. I walked back and asked this person what the problem was, and was met with more verbal abuse.

I then decided to ignore this person, but when Cat, Brendan and Ashley received the same abuse I decided that I could not let the matter rest. Furthermore, we were fearful that this parking tout might exact revenge on the car.

We got in the car, and I placed a call to Victor. I related the attempted extortion to him, and he promised to come see us at the car park as soon as he can.

A few minutes later Victor arrived and we met with the car park proprietor, asking him why we were stopped from entering Backyard Rio's private car park. The proprietor had no idea what we were talking about, and the deranged person then confronted us.

This deranged person then took off her cap and hit me on the arm . It was then that I decided enough was enough, and asked Victor to call the police.

We retreated back into Backyard Rio's private car park and as we waited for the police to arrive this deranged person came over to continue abusing us. At some point even Victor was hit in the arm as well!

Cat then suggested we leave the matter to the police so we left the car park, while apologing profusely to Victor for the unpleasant experience that we both faced.

We were later informed by Victor that she was 'dealt with'; we did not want to know any further and left it at that.

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