02 July 2016


Lorong Bentong Makmur 25
Taman Bentong Makmur
28700 Bentong
Coordinates: 3.518023, 101.922779

Today is the day of reckoning. Both Brendan and Cat had an appointment with Shīfu to check on the progress of their respective ailments.

Brendan came last month suffering from a sprained ankle, while Cat complained of back pains. Both were given the full treatment consisting of the usual massage to clear the ‘blocked’ blood vessels (the best we could translate from Shīfu’s explanation) and the very painful pin pricks in the affected areas to drain the ‘bad blood’.

This time around Cat was spared the pin pricks, and got away with just a body  massage. The same could not be said about Brendan, who endured even more pin pricks. The following cringe-worthy photos will tell the tale:

it has begun

holes have been pricked

pointing to the offending 'bad blood' here...

and here

Shīfu amused by Brendan's cringing

undeterred nonethless

all done here

still some more 'bad blood' here

further examination

almost done

All drained of ‘bad blood’ Brendan was told to come for one final treatment in four weeks’ time.

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