21 March 2015

The Stadthuys

Bandar Hilir
75000 Melaka
Coordinates: 2.194174, 102.249557

We returned from the Portuguese Settlement and with some time to burn before lunch we stopped by the Red Square (sounds like a place in Moscow!) for a short stop.

No trip to Melaka would be complete without a visit to The Stadhuys. It is one of, if not the most iconic landmark in all of Melaka. Some would say A Famosa or St Paul’s Hill are equally famous, but when you say Melaka visions of the Red Square immediately comes to my mind.

It was built by the Dutch in 1650 and was used as the administrative center of successive governments for a period of 300 years. It was eventually converted into a history museum till the present day.

in the heart of Melaka City

oldest-surviving Dutch building


traffic was crawling, as is the case on weekends

what better time for a spot of cendol?

Another tourist attraction and source of countless photo opportunities here is the Queen Victoria's Fountain built to commemorate her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee.

Queen Victoria's Fountain

built in 1901

elegant as ever

famous backdrop

colonial water fountain

in memory of a great Queen?

We got lost in the moment gazing at the many attractions here that we almost forgot lunch. Off to Wilson's!

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