22 September 2013

Sin Foo Chow Cafe

Sin Foo Chow Cafe
51 Jalan Ipoh
51200 Kuala Lumpur
(Coordinates: E101° 41' 46.7" N3° 10' 9.3")

Kuala Lumpur is the latest city to join World Car-Free Day happening today. We were all ready to participate in the 'effort to reduce the city's carbon footprint'. However a hard night of partying last night left Brenda with the sniffles today, and we had to drive out to a clinic, sigh!

Being a Sunday our usual family clinic was not opened so we headed to the nearest 24 hour locum at Reddy Clinic in Jalan Ipoh. Since Brendan had a pretty bad sore throat he was advised to stay off the spice and we thought we’d give this restaurant a try.

pretty old
one stall served us all
we were not very original, eh?
Dad hard at work
the children preparing our beverages

The restaurant looked really old and we were amazed by the extremely high ceiling. A family run shop, the father took care of the noodle stall while the mother manned the counter; the children in the meantime were in charge of beverages. We were thankful that they had noodled soup and Brendan ordered the 1Mee Hoon Soup; Cat tried the 2Wantan Mee while I sampled their 3Mee Hoon Curry.

1string thin rice vermicelli served in a clear  flavourful soup broth made from  pork, then topped with tender globes of sweet fish balls, slices of finely prepared pork and garnished with caramelised golden brown garlic bits and delicately chopped scallions
2egg noodles tossed in oyster sauce, topped with barbecued pork, wontons (dumplings), choy sum (chinese flowering cabbage) and pickled green chilies
3string thin rice vermicelli with spicy curry soup, chili/sambal, coconut milk, and a choice of dried tofu, cockles, prawns, cuttlefish, chicken, egg and mint leaves

Cat's wanton mee
my mee hoon curry
our beverages
Brendan's mee hoon soup
time to put the camera away

Cat enjoyed her Wanton Mee while Brendan could not offer an opinion (stuffed nose and all); I liked the Mee Hoon Curry though it did not compare with my all time favourite. The damage? Including Iced Lemon Tea for Cat and Brendan and Iced Coffee for moi the total came to a pretty paltry RM20, well within the realms of the everyday food for the everyday person.

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