25 December 2011

Xmas 2011 In KT Day 2

It’s Christmas! Woke up bright and earlier and headed to the hotel’s café for breakfast.

the usual usual

We then headed to the Chinatown Waterfront (Coordinates: 5° 19' 52.50", 103° 7' 56.25"). It was our first time here since the completion of the Kampung Cina land reclamation project. The Pulau Warisan was a sight to behold!

the vanity twins J
posing some more
more poses
our ride in the background
even more posing
Felda's gleaming new hotel in the background
the archway leading to the reclaimed land
posing with the archway
pair of glamour pusses
last few poses before we leave
ok, that's it

As a local boy, Kampung Cina has both changed (one way traffic going the opposite direction!) and not changed as well. I know it sounds strange because while things may have changed on the outside, despite all this progress I'm glad my ancestral home has not lost its ‘soul’.

at Kampung Cina
the refurbished archway
this temple fell victim to fire some time back
good to know its good as new now
I think my father was born here
hallowed grounds
Jalan Kampung Cina
more delicacies J
sweet toothed pair

We then paid a visit to our former family home (which used to bear the address No. 18 Kampung Padang 20300 Kuala Terengganu) which has since been levelled and turned into a parking lot by Hotel K.T. Mutiara (Coordinates: 5° 19' 46.50", 103° 8' 11.25"). It was a sombre and nostalgic experience.

what's left of our old house (back gate)
remnants of the old fence



Lunch was at our favourite chicken rice shop (Restoran Chuan Kee, Jalan Kota Lama 20300 Kuala Terengganu, Coordinates: 5° 19' 45.50", 103° 8' 4.50"). Nothing has changed at all, and the proprietor (and family) still remembers us.

this shop was covered in a earlier post
the proprietor (in white cap) remembers us
hard at work
I only remembered to take photos AFTER all the food was all gone!

Later in the afternoon, Brendan continued his fun and frolic at the pool!

he goes on...
... and on...
... and on!
view of the hotel
main lobby on the left

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