Friday, December 30, 2011

Brendan's Orientation Day

Our son is all grown up.

It took me a while to get used to seeing Brendan in olive green long pants. Wasn't it only only yesterday he was toddling around yelling "Mom, make milk!".

Oh well, time does fly. My advice to all parents is to cherish the time you have with your kids or else they will grow up and grow out of your lives.

Back to the actual topic, we took Brendan to his secondary school orientation session/seminar today.

Izzat, Brendan, Arvind.. friends since way back when
Cat and her good friend Irma (Izzat's mom)
award winning brass band practicing hard
a sight for sore eyes
the old with the new in the background
line up boys!
to attention!
listening intently
our boy's all grown up
something amusing?
this school is HUGE!
roll call..
freshly cropped hair J

Enrolling in this school was a no-brainer, and a natural progression from his primary school just across the road. Brendan's johannian spirit will not allow him to consider any other school!

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