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Sunday 25 August 2013

Our humble Pan Mee

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while now. Remember Brendan’s penchant for Pan Mee? He could not get enough of it and ordered it whenever he got the chance. He’s not been ordering Pan Mee much lately, and it’s not because he’s gotten over the dish. Its because Cat has been researching and studying up on the dish and has come up with her version.

The ingredients are pretty easy enough; you need flour, eggs, salt and a dash of shallot oil (home made) to make the dough that will eventually be turned into the “noodle”. Oh, you need to invest RM30 in a pasta machine too.

For the garnishing, we use (fried) minced pork but this can easily be substituted with minced chicken. Apart from this, the soup plays a very important role and Cat uses chicken broth and anchovies for her soup. The third and vital garnishing is the udang kering (dried shrimp) fried with garlic, shallots and dried chilli. To top it off Cat also adds shiitake mushroom and sayur manis (sweet leaf or star gooseberry).

Okay, enough with the words. We’ll let the pictures do the talking from this point on… enjoy!

here we go
a little mixing, a lot of TLC
preparing the pan mee
kneading the dough
kneading the dough
all done
kept aside till it meets the paste machine
next comes the dried shrimp
in place of a chopper
mashed dried shrimps
it takes a while
all done...
and into the wok
it's fried
and fried...
till all moisture is gone
the dough
the garnishing
the soup
the pasta machine
this is where the magic begins
here we go
and into the pot
stirred and stirred
for about five minutes
all done, made with loving hands, from the heart
Brendan's pride and joy!

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