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Saturday 27 August 2011

Kedai Makanan Yut Kee

Kedai Makanan Yut Kee
1, Jalan Kamunting off Jalan Dang Wangi
50100 Kuala Lumpur
Coordinates: 3.156446, 101.700416

Despite being in ridiculously close proximity, we hardly ever come here. For one thing, this shop does not represent what we stand for, which is 'the everyday food for the everyday man'. RM8 for a plate of fried tofu is a little steep by any stretch of the imagination.

The other thing is, we are put off by the type of clientele it attracts. You know, the loud/obnoxious/abrasive (cannot-wait-one) types.. typically from other states who are in town for a holiday. The types that think queing is something only the locals have to endure, and an act of courtesy beneath them.. who think driving expensive cars means double-parking is their inherent right and privilege.. and use slangs so fake it melts my ear wax.. I can go on and on..

And while I'm on the topic, I might as well have a go at my pet peeve. Fake slangs! Come on, the last time I checked the letter R is used only once when pronouncing 'The United States of America'. Dear Beng-Bengs & Lian-Lians, if you guys are pronouncing it this way, please stop:

'The - Uniterd - Startes - orf - Armerica'

And one more thing, how the heck can you screw up a simple word like 'us'. Heard an Ah Lian singing Bette Midler's 'From A Distance' recently.. she sang: 'God is watching urs, god is watching urs'.. Erm, me thinks God might have to look away in horror!

Okay, okay.. back to the topic at hand. Here are some photos from the shop.

Cat enduring an attack of the 'fake slangs'..

RM8 for fried tofu?

heavenly if one's on a diet..

if you're on a diet, order the chicken chop, you'll see why..

Cat seems to be enjoying her fried meehoon, though..


  1. mmmmmm, nice! koko must take us there one day! :)

  2. yayy! 1st comments ever recd on me humble photo-blog.. thanks vince:)

    btw the shop is like 500m from our condo, so no sweat.. we'll take you & ginny there someday:)