24 December 2010

Xmas 2010 @ Hat Yai Day 2

Right.. its the morning of day 2 and we finally grant Brendan his wish for a tuk-tuk ride as we head out for breakfast. Predictably, its Bak Kut Teh.

Cat is not a morning person
Its a 5 minute tuk tuk ride
Brendan's enjoying himself
Waited a year to ride the tuk tuk

The Bak Kut Teh shop (7° 0' 8.00", 100° 28' 32.50") was the same one we went to last year, located along Lamai Songkroh (still haven't gotten the name, it's time we learnt to read Thai).

Breakfast is served
Morning herbal fix
The iced coffee was good too
Let's eat!

Then it was another tuk tuk ride to the Plaza market for some early morning shopping.

My style conscious son
My wife, lovely as ever
This shop caught my eye while we were riding the tuk tuk, its a milk shop(?)
Taking in the sights
Snowcap getting blown off?
The Plaza Market
The flood waters came up to here in the market

Went back to the hotel and while Brendan had his fill of his cheezy fries at McDonalds, I decided to walk around to check out the sights.

View from Lee Gardens facing West
View from Lee Gardens facing North
The red building is the local KBES office

Walked back to McDonalds to find Brendan hard at it with his cheezy fries.

Almost done with his cheezy fries
Went to wash his hands, good boy!
Sip, not slurp
My other wallpaper
Man in black
The stylo milo
Let's go walkabout!

Checked out the sights around town, found quite a few Xmas trees since its Xmas eve anyway. Brendan found some things of interest as well.

A purple Xmas tree
A red Xmas tree
Brendan found something he liked
The 2500Bt pocket money is making his pocket itch
Look closely at the ornament, what do you see?

We headed back to the hotel to rest up.

Grand Plaza Hotel entrance
Grand Plaza Hotel lobby
Grand Plaza Hotel front desk

While we rested, Brendan (coz of all the soda he had at McDonalds) was fidgety and asked me to snap some photos while he posed in his new Manchester United jersey.

And the Reds..
.. go marching..
.. On!
.. On!
.. On!

That night the Lord Mayor of Hat Yai officiated the launch of Hat Yai countdown celebrations to the New Year.

Brendan was in the thick of things
And got in the act in a big way!

We got some dinner, and the order of the night was.. Singha beer! If you want to order in Thailand just ask for Beer-Sing, trust me.

Singha, anyone?
Brendan pretending, but spilt some down his throat..
Which made him a little tipsy later (or so he says)

With our bellies full and our heads a little tipsy, we called it a night. Tomorrow promises to be a heck of a good day.. hey, its Xmas!

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