04 June 2009

Chuan Kee Chicken Rice

Restoran Chuan Kee
Jalan Kota Lama
20300 Kuala Terengganu
(Coordinates: 5.329333, 103.134429)

Just recovered from a serious bout of dengue fever. Spent a week in hospital to the point where my platelets dropped to 21 (any lower and the doctor would have needed to perform blood transfusion).

As soon as I was discharged and regained a little of my strength back, I thought it a good idea to get a different breath of air and made plans to make a trip to the East Coast.

We drove up to Kota Bharu and on the way, stopped over at my hometown of Kuala Terengganu for lunch at our favourite hainanese chicken rice shop. After all these years, they still remember us!

Living in Kuala Terengganu, we would visit this shop every Friday after attending mass for lunch.

The proprietor who was happy to see us again
Its a family run business
We love the roasted chicken
This was a weekly affair when we were staying in Kuala Terengganu many years ago

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