03 September 2011

Hari Raya @ Shikin

For the record, Hari Raya Aidil Fitri (Eid-Ul Fitr) in Kuala Lumpur is depressing. If I were back in my hometown, we'd be out from dusk to dawn visiting one open house after another.. sigh.

Having said that, we were excited to attend a colleague's open house today for Hari Raya.. and were we happy we went!

Brendan started it off with satay..

lemang, ketupat, rendang, laksa, roti jala..

met another colleague (Murni) and her husband there as well..

Brendan devouring the lamb chop!

Shikin, Brendan & Cat..

The spread? Well now, where do I begin..

There was satay and its accompanying gravy, laksa penang, lemang & ketupat with beef and chicken rendang, roti jala and its accompanying potato curry, lamb chops, a variety of fresh fruits.. Safe to say we were quite stuffed by the time we were done. Another helping would have rendered me senseless!


  1. I missed my own open house too. Really wish we can have a great one next year!

    1. .. hello Mama! yes, we've missed your Open House as well.. eagerly awaiting the next edition.. (shamelessly inviting ourselves over, hehehe...)