30 January 2011

Oldtown - Ampang Waterfront

3A, Jalan AWF 1
Ampang Waterfront
68000 Ampang
(Coordinates: 3° 8' 49.75", 101° 46' 2.25")

Brendan has extra classes for his Bahasa Melayu in Ampang every Saturday, so we tend to gravitate toward Ampang for lunch every Saturday.

We have a soft spot for Oldtown White Coffee (our favourite among all Kopitiams), and this particular outlet is located at Ampang Waterfront.

This outlet is by far the best looking!
@ Ampang's Waterfront, you won't miss it
The beverages came first, as always
Then the food
Brendan had the chicken curry rice
Cat had the curry mee
While I had its 'special' nasi lemak
bon appetit!
I had the coffee lava for dessert
While Brendan had the ice cream toast

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